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Facebook Cartoon Scam

Is it a scam?

The popular thing on Facebook right now is an innocent idea to change your profile picture to your favorite cartoon to support NSPCC. This has been said to be false and that it is a scam to help pedophiles pick out children on Facebook by seeing who uses a recent cartoon profile picture. Here is the group of 90 000 people who support this campaign:!/pages/Change-your-profile-picture-to-a-cartoon-character-campaign/165469550157097?v=wall

Support maybe a strong word to use now as they are asking for the creator to come out and identify himself so that they can prove that he or she is or is not a pedophile.

“This Page Is Not A Pedophile Page Its Just Lots Of People Abused This Page That Made Issues World Wide”

This is what the creator posted in his defense. I am not here to say he or she is or is not a pedophile due to the fact that I simply do not know who it is. I will say this though, the NSPCC charity has more than likely received a huge boost in funds simply due to the fact that this campaign, whoever it was made by, raised a ton of awareness. It’s on the news, facebook and everyone’s mind. The fact that this group could have potentially been made by a pedophile could tarnish the whole campaign but, regardless it did achieve its goal.

That is to say as long as no children were a victim to this campaign and it did just increase funds along with awareness for the cause across social medias.

They received free mass advertising across the most accessed medium: social media. As an organization they should be thrilled, due to the fact that any organization would. Most would spend millions for this type of exposure. Look at Burger kings, delete 10 friends and get a free whopper. They too tried to use this medium but did not have the same success that this campaign is having.


Sexualized marketing to kids is not that uncommon. In fact like any age demographic it is one of the strongest. Look at one of the biggest cologne companies in the North America which targets 12-15 year old boys, Axe. There commercials are highly sexualized to say the least. It is every young males goal and fantasy to spray on a bit of cologne and have a hoard of girls chasing him. Of course that is not the case but, it becomes the image of axe to young boys. It can be argued that the company is unfairly taking advantage of a highly influential market by playing up on their fantasies.

So what can be done about it? Well in this article we see one government , which is not named, attempt to put restrictions on companies who clearly are targeting pre-teens and teens with sexualized marketing. Axe would be a company that would suffer greatly from this and have to change their whole marketing campaign. This question is though, would that change anything that their marketing has done to this generation? Of course the children who will be going into their teenager years would not be exposed to this type of advertising from Axe but, what about the others?  The impact of the sexualized marketing on teens and pre-teens would be an interesting study, unfortunately I don’t know of one. I just know that Axe makes a lot of money off a highly influential market with questionable marketing tecniques.

Text Messaging Dangers

Dating and text messaging go hand in hand. I think about how many times me and my girlfriend text daily and it has to be in the 100s of text messages. Constant communication between each partner is demanded in dating today. This type of linkage and technology can be dangerous though. Looking at the article from the Washington post:

We see it well documented the dangers of using technology to harass a partner. Most of the time this happens when one partner breaks up with another. In other occurrences I have seen and experiences when one partner of the relationship does not answer a text for a prolonged period of time, lets say 2 hours, the other gets frustrated and angry as they feel they are being ignored. This is the climate today when dating.

The situation is so bad that they lecture in high schools today about texting and dating. There are periods where teachers will try to teach students at a young age that it isn’t ok to use technology or texting as a weapon. Even though these lectures exist, girls still find themselves posing and taking pictures for their boyfriends on their phones. What is this the result of? Possibly constant advertising and marketing to young girls to make them believe they are not worthy enough? Maybe celebrity influence?

What has the dating culture become? One that is filled with texting dangers, constant linkage between partners and posing pictures? I am no better though, I wonder where this leads us as a societal whole?

Social Media and Advertising

This is probably one of the most important blogs I have written. I am discussing what everyone is business today is. The importance of social medium and advertising. In today’s market this will either break or make a company. A company can use Facebook psychographics to check out how many people in Ontario have guitars as an interest. Once they see how many people are interested they have an approximate target market.

A company can also search Twitter to see if and what anyone is saying about their company. For example, Blackberry can search Twitter for “Torch” to see and maybe even control the discussion on the Torch.

A company can use google trends and see how it compares in searches to something else. So, blackberry can compare the searches to the Torch versus the Iphone 4 to see how they are doing in comparison. Google offers many tools like this, one of the most useful would have to be google alerts. You can type in your company name: company x , then click news or blogs or tweets and google will alert you via e-mail every time your company name comes up.

Using social media is a powerful tool and whats most beneficial is that it is approaching free. There are extremely limited costs when it comes to social media and using it for advertising. Making it widely used by most companies. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or google, businesses need to become a part of tis media to be successful in todays marketplace.,8599,2013150,00.html#ixzz0xjtH6phi

Wow, after reading that I think i’ll need a moment……. There. My favourite comment from that article was this

“I swear right now to everyone here that as soon as it is possible for me, i am going to get my own GPS devices, sneak around to all the police stations in the vicinity, and track them so i know exactly where they’re hiding out, and what they are up to.”

I thought that was halirous. To put this in perspective though, if you don’t do anything wrong they won’t track you. Why would I be so special to be tracked? Why would I or you be so lucky? We aren’t and won’t be. Nonethless, we can’t use that logic to allow a totaliarian state. The fact that there isn’t a bigger deal being made out of this is beyond me. I would expect to hear this everywhere but, I simply don’t.

We can see the parralels drawn towards the famous book 1984 by Geogre Orwell. Once again we can see the United States has evolved in values due to the fact that this would have been considered a very communist act 50 some odd years ago. Interesting to see the change from the worst thing you can be is red, to using some of the values they embody.

Newspapers Using New Media

Businesses that can not adapt or change according to their surronding enviornment never survive. That is what old media is trying to avoid. They are doing this by incorporating the ever so popular new media in what they do. Newspapers have Iphone and blackberry apps due to the fact that they know they are competing with reporters who tweet the next big news story before newpapers have time to print or news shows have time to air.

Incorporating themselves in new media to satisfy the consumers demand is the only thing old media can do to stay alive. The ipod killed Sirius XM radio due to the fact that it as well provided commericial free content but in addition to that the user had selection over which song the would like to play. Of course sirius radio offered talk shows that you can not get on your ipod but, nonetheless the ipod won.

Old media does not want to be victim to convergence like the siruis radio. They want to intergrate and work with this media, but is it inevitable that it might not work like they want it to? That perhaps old media won’t survive?

It’s argued here that journalists in the mainstream media systems are trying to not allow participatory audiences in their work. Journalists are afraid of being held accountable for the work they do by the readers. This is the result of participatory journalism, accountablity. Look at Twitter, when a reporter tweets a story that is in fact not true due to the fact that he was misled, the audience starts to chime in and bash that reporter. Accountibility is created.

This is important for obvious reasons. Every professional is held accountable in their line of work, whether it be a secretary, a construction man, a professional sports player or even to some degree a politician. Mainstream media is only open to discussion on stories if it fits their definition and parameters. As far as the media is concerned, the audience is still firmly the audience and that is all.

I for one am in favour of particaptory journalism. It would make for more informed and intelligent news as well as , it would make it more popular. Look at the popularity of YouTube, due to the fact that it has perhaps the biggest participatory audience. Everyone wants their voice to be heard.

Video Games

Expressions of society? Expressions of thoose who are playing them? Are video games for the betterment of society? I agree with Dr. Strangelove that by banning or putting a stop to videogames, you are haulting artistic expression. Moreover if videogames were to become censored then or stopped , it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that YouTube would be next.

YouTube is the father of free and artistic expression, thats why it is so popular. Online diaries and videos that don’t make sense to some because of the context are still put up as artisitic expressions by thoose who placed them online. YouTube and video games draw parralels in that regard. They both are a mode of free speech and artistic expression. Will video games ever become lawfully censored? No, the government has to much invested in them. If you look at unmanned drones that are flied into battlezones by the miltary, the controler they use if the xbox 360 controller due to the fact that these miltary personal have had tones of experience witht that controller.

Between the parralels video games and YouTube draw and the investment that the miltary has in them, there is no way that video games will become lawfully censored by the Supreme Court.

Google in China

Gotta hate thoose Chinese. Damn them. Their communist, have taken the North American jobs there, their efficent and love to work. Damn them. That’s just the North American view on China portrayed in the above article. They are the “evil empire” afterall. China, relies on us and we rely on them. It is an interesting relationship. I mean last time their was a communist superpower, Russia, we almost blew them off the face of the earth.

Forgive me my fellow Canadians for saying “we” in terms of Canada and the United States. I’m gonna get roasted for this one but, I believe in a one North American border. We are like brother and sister. Whether we as Canadians like it or not, we NEED the United States. That’s neither here nor there but, forgive me for saying “we”.

Where was I? Yes, communists, bastards. Throughout the United States history, they have been tormented by communists. It was ok to be anything in the United States but, red. It’s come full circle now where China will overtake the United States as the world’s superpower and United States will be right beside them smiling. Go back 50 some odd years and you’ll see when Russia was taking over as a world superpower we were about to press the launch button for the Nuke. How far we have come eh?

We do see some of thoose old American values in corporations today. Look at google, they are pulling out of the “evil empire” due to the restrictions they put on free speech. Google is tired of taing money from the red devil. They are showing just how American they are by pulling out. Also just how dumb they are financial by leaving that 300 million dollars in revenue on the table. I guess they can afford it though. If anyone can, it’s google.

If google has anything to say about it, the United States will not be standing beside China smiling with 2nd place.

Twitter and Journalism

Twitter as a tool for journalists can be very effective. It can mean the difference between being the first to break the story or just another journalist. Twitter has revolutionized the way reporting is being done, in the same sense as the print paper revolutionized journalism. The demand for information in this society is so great that Twitter serves a very high purpose. The purpose being to fulfill the need for information by journalists. A journalist can tweet something before the late night news runs and be the first on the story. People today want real-time live updates as to what is going on. They won’t wait for the late night news to get their information but, rather they will follow someone else on twitter.

Like every tool though, it can be used improperly and has it’s dangers. As we see in the article above, Twitter can cause your sources to have a lack of faith in you as a journalist if you are constantly tweeting important information. Moreover, as a journalist you could tweet a developing news story and it not materialize making you look bad to all of your followers. You want to be the first to the punch but, with accurate and accountable information for your followers.

Moreover, with more and more athletes and other important people having Twitter, it is important that a journalist is on it due to the fact that stories can materialize on Twitter. Let’s say some famous athlete tweets that he wants his coach fired. Well there is a story that a journalist won’t have unless he or she is on Twitter. The importance of the right use of Twitter for this profession can not be understated.