I was reading in my Marketing textbook and I came across online surveys in the Market research section of the textbook. I was reading through the chapter and to my surprise learned that Online surveys are becoming increasingly popular with marketers for various reasons:

1. They cost less to run approximately $10 per survey. On average they save about $20 per survey as mail and telephone surveys cost in the $30 per survey range.

2. There is greater participation in online surveys as opposed to mail and or telephone surveys.

3. People are less likely to lie on them since there is a greater sense of Anonymity.

I can understand the logic of #1 and #2 but, #3 is what really gets me. How can people feel a greater sense of anonymity if the survey is online. If anything there is less anonymity when filling a survey out online. I understand that you feel less judged since there isn’t another person on the side but, all this information is permenately stored. Do not think that companies can not figure out who you are, what you do and where you live after you fill out a survey. All they need is the I.P address of your computer. The scary part is this information is never forgotten and so cheap to store.

In my opinion there is no type of survey that can give any consumer a sense of anonymity but, for people to think that online surveys provide that is naive. But then again most of us are naive , thinking that we are not brainwashed by the corporate world’s marketing campaigns.