From my readings I have discovered that You Tube is all about authenticity. It’s about being real and who you are in front of the camera so that everyone can experience something different from what they get in front of the television. Unlike television though it has no censor. Siblings posting videos humiliating other siblings, “I hate my parents videos” are all up on You Tube. Those people who are being humiliated or mad to look bad will have be able to recover from that perception. There is no delete button on the internet. Where does that leave us?

I feel as the generations progress into the workforce , particular Generation X and the tweens, this behaviour will be more normalized. For now though it damages perception. Why? because it’s authentic, its un scripted, (mostly), real peaks into someones life whether they like it or not. The public eye now sits on your front lawn and watches you through your curtains. Kinda freaky?

 On a side note I have always wanted to delete my Facebook account for that reason but, the girlfriend wants you to put up pictures of you and her and tag yourself in them so I never have. Here I am though, giving more authentic personal data to the seeing eye on my front yard through a different medium, Facebook. It’s all dangerous , it’s all authentic and it’s all remembered, that’s what scares me.