Today I have downloaded the WordPress application to my iPhone to illustrate how convienant new media has made our lives. It has come to the point where new media isn’t even necessarily making our daily functions easier but rather our hobbies. Blogging isn’t a necessity but rather a hobby to most and now it can be done anywhere from your iPhone. It’s unfounded Convenience.

What’s next it terms of Convenience? Ordering groceries online? I don’t think that is necessarily realistic , it doesn’t make much financial sense for the grocery store. You see where I am going, new media has made all of our lives easier and now it is attempting to make our hobbies and entertainment easier to access. Look at live streaming in YouTube, which my documentary addresses, it is gonna make watching our favorite shows easier and convienant  for everyone who doesn’t have access to a television at the time the show is playing.

There’s a lot of money in store for whoever can figure out : what’s next?