Gotta hate thoose Chinese. Damn them. Their communist, have taken the North American jobs there, their efficent and love to work. Damn them. That’s just the North American view on China portrayed in the above article. They are the “evil empire” afterall. China, relies on us and we rely on them. It is an interesting relationship. I mean last time their was a communist superpower, Russia, we almost blew them off the face of the earth.

Forgive me my fellow Canadians for saying “we” in terms of Canada and the United States. I’m gonna get roasted for this one but, I believe in a one North American border. We are like brother and sister. Whether we as Canadians like it or not, we NEED the United States. That’s neither here nor there but, forgive me for saying “we”.

Where was I? Yes, communists, bastards. Throughout the United States history, they have been tormented by communists. It was ok to be anything in the United States but, red. It’s come full circle now where China will overtake the United States as the world’s superpower and United States will be right beside them smiling. Go back 50 some odd years and you’ll see when Russia was taking over as a world superpower we were about to press the launch button for the Nuke. How far we have come eh?

We do see some of thoose old American values in corporations today. Look at google, they are pulling out of the “evil empire” due to the restrictions they put on free speech. Google is tired of taing money from the red devil. They are showing just how American they are by pulling out. Also just how dumb they are financial by leaving that 300 million dollars in revenue on the table. I guess they can afford it though. If anyone can, it’s google.

If google has anything to say about it, the United States will not be standing beside China smiling with 2nd place.