Dating and text messaging go hand in hand. I think about how many times me and my girlfriend text daily and it has to be in the 100s of text messages. Constant communication between each partner is demanded in dating today. This type of linkage and technology can be dangerous though. Looking at the article from the Washington post:

We see it well documented the dangers of using technology to harass a partner. Most of the time this happens when one partner breaks up with another. In other occurrences I have seen and experiences when one partner of the relationship does not answer a text for a prolonged period of time, lets say 2 hours, the other gets frustrated and angry as they feel they are being ignored. This is the climate today when dating.

The situation is so bad that they lecture in high schools today about texting and dating. There are periods where teachers will try to teach students at a young age that it isn’t ok to use technology or texting as a weapon. Even though these lectures exist, girls still find themselves posing and taking pictures for their boyfriends on their phones. What is this the result of? Possibly constant advertising and marketing to young girls to make them believe they are not worthy enough? Maybe celebrity influence?

What has the dating culture become? One that is filled with texting dangers, constant linkage between partners and posing pictures? I am no better though, I wonder where this leads us as a societal whole?