Sexualized marketing to kids is not that uncommon. In fact like any age demographic it is one of the strongest. Look at one of the biggest cologne companies in the North America which targets 12-15 year old boys, Axe. There commercials are highly sexualized to say the least. It is every young males goal and fantasy to spray on a bit of cologne and have a hoard of girls chasing him. Of course that is not the case but, it becomes the image of axe to young boys. It can be argued that the company is unfairly taking advantage of a highly influential market by playing up on their fantasies.

So what can be done about it? Well in this article we see one government , which is not named, attempt to put restrictions on companies who clearly are targeting pre-teens and teens with sexualized marketing. Axe would be a company that would suffer greatly from this and have to change their whole marketing campaign. This question is though, would that change anything that their marketing has done to this generation? Of course the children who will be going into their teenager years would not be exposed to this type of advertising from Axe but, what about the others?  The impact of the sexualized marketing on teens and pre-teens would be an interesting study, unfortunately I don’t know of one. I just know that Axe makes a lot of money off a highly influential market with questionable marketing tecniques.