I find it really interesting listening to the perspective of Dr. Strangelove, that is, the market value system compels consumer’s to act.  Being a Business student as well as a Communication student gives me an opportunity to see both perspectives of this argument. I can assure you that when looking at consumerism from a marketing perspective, there is a value system that is taken into account. We see marketers segment the market and put individuals into certain classifications and categories.

So whats with the conservative saying: “The more we participate in branded consuming, the more that corporations must listen to us and the more power the consumer has”? I don’t understand how padding a corporations bottom line will incline them to listen to the consumer? I understand the emphasis today is on long-term consumers but, I still stand by that boycotting a company works way better than buying their product so they will listen to you. Market shares are so small these days for most companies, therefore many companies will feel the impact of being boycotted. We have already seen that companies with big financial bottom lines and huge participation from consumer’s in branded consuming do not listen to their consumers’. These businesses will still participate in unethical business’ practices even with the support of millions of consumers.