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Facebook Cartoon Scam

Is it a scam?

The popular thing on Facebook right now is an innocent idea to change your profile picture to your favorite cartoon to support NSPCC. This has been said to be false and that it is a scam to help pedophiles pick out children on Facebook by seeing who uses a recent cartoon profile picture. Here is the group of 90 000 people who support this campaign:!/pages/Change-your-profile-picture-to-a-cartoon-character-campaign/165469550157097?v=wall

Support maybe a strong word to use now as they are asking for the creator to come out and identify himself so that they can prove that he or she is or is not a pedophile.

“This Page Is Not A Pedophile Page Its Just Lots Of People Abused This Page That Made Issues World Wide”

This is what the creator posted in his defense. I am not here to say he or she is or is not a pedophile due to the fact that I simply do not know who it is. I will say this though, the NSPCC charity has more than likely received a huge boost in funds simply due to the fact that this campaign, whoever it was made by, raised a ton of awareness. It’s on the news, facebook and everyone’s mind. The fact that this group could have potentially been made by a pedophile could tarnish the whole campaign but, regardless it did achieve its goal.

That is to say as long as no children were a victim to this campaign and it did just increase funds along with awareness for the cause across social medias.

They received free mass advertising across the most accessed medium: social media. As an organization they should be thrilled, due to the fact that any organization would. Most would spend millions for this type of exposure. Look at Burger kings, delete 10 friends and get a free whopper. They too tried to use this medium but did not have the same success that this campaign is having.


Wow, after reading that I think i’ll need a moment……. There. My favourite comment from that article was this

“I swear right now to everyone here that as soon as it is possible for me, i am going to get my own GPS devices, sneak around to all the police stations in the vicinity, and track them so i know exactly where they’re hiding out, and what they are up to.”

I thought that was halirous. To put this in perspective though, if you don’t do anything wrong they won’t track you. Why would I be so special to be tracked? Why would I or you be so lucky? We aren’t and won’t be. Nonethless, we can’t use that logic to allow a totaliarian state. The fact that there isn’t a bigger deal being made out of this is beyond me. I would expect to hear this everywhere but, I simply don’t.

We can see the parralels drawn towards the famous book 1984 by Geogre Orwell. Once again we can see the United States has evolved in values due to the fact that this would have been considered a very communist act 50 some odd years ago. Interesting to see the change from the worst thing you can be is red, to using some of the values they embody.

Illusion of Privacy

A very interesting article about how we perceive privacy on the internet when really it’s far from that. Looking at it from a psychological point of view, it is very interesting to see how people change when they act on the internet. They use the computer screen as a buffer zone from the actual confrontation. This is why cyberbullying has escalated. The bullies feel that there is no one watching what they say to someone as well as they have the computer screen as a buffer zone from the person. The lack of non-verbal communication which can be argued as the most important part of communication is also absent, meaning that even normal conversations could escalate if someone’s tone is misinterpreted.

Everything is recorded in cyberspace and the issue of privacy is one that is ignored in terms of online. Look at Facebook, everyone should delete their Facebook account right now. Even if we did, they would still have the pics and wall posts but, it would prevent us from giving more personal information. Facebook is the most un-private organization online yet, half a billion people participate (me being one). Facebook having this many people illustrates the problem that we as a society, think that the online world is safe and private when it is not. We are monitored, tracked and put into systems to figure out how to get us, the consumer, to purchase goods. The online world is a marketers dream that we keep feeding.