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This video was made on June 11th of 2006, which is three and a half years ago. Looking into the future which back then would have been today, do we see anything that’s all to surprising? Sure no one particular pizza shop has said those things to you when ordering your pizza , but, when you a buy a new hoodie from “BillaBong” and they ask you what your address or postal code is, what do you think it’s for? Not only do corporations have the resources to figure out information about us, but New Media has encouraged a free-flowing “river” of information.

Media’s such as Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube , have created a culture where everyone needs to know when you date, do well and poop. Everyone is on a “need to know” basis. Corporations use this to their advantage to collect information about “Market segments”. In the video we saw, it was clear that the pizza shop knew everything about that individual, such is not the case today. Marketers today can tell you that information about clusters or Market Segments, which is essentially, a group of people who respond similarly to a product.

Marketers know their average wage, debit, family size, favourite activities, leisure time, vacation spots and health issues. They know this information about that cluster, but they don’t know exactly how much debit and leisure time John Smith has , who happens to be a part of that cluster. Why? There is no need to take it to the individual level, it’s time-consuming and costly. Quite frankly, in business today, there is a need for knowledge and not information. Taking it to the individual level would create more information and approximately the same knowledge.

New Media is a marketers dream and worst nightmare. It can be hard to advertise on (YouTube) but, you have consumers giving you information that was so costly to acquire in the past on Facebook.


JK Wedding Dance

Tradition clashing with modern society, these types of cases are always the most interesting to look at. In the case of JK Wedding Dance Entrance from YouTube.

We that this couples challenging one of societies most fundamental traditions, marriage. Clearly , in the past this type of wedding would have been considered inappropriate or unacceptable but, today it has 55 million views of people who envy what they have done. This couple has challenged societies way of tradition and made their own fun out of it. Why must they go down the aisle in a slow march. Why can’t they dance down the aisle instead. Such a simple change changes the whole feel of the wedding to a celebration.

It is really quite cool what they have down, now the question becomes, will this style of wedding become the new traditional style? Some of would laugh at this question but seriously, they have 55 million views of predominately young women who are envying them right now. Such is the beauty of YouTube, an idea or concept can take off when put on YouTube as opposed to earlier media when the news dictated what would be seen. This couple 15 years ago would have never been heard of by the population but, now it could be argued that they may have revolutionized the way the wedding is done.

I know I’m sold.