This is a documentary made by:

  1. Sheridan Grout
  2. Nathan Steele
  3. Amenna Oudeh


We made this documentary to look at the effects of online streaming on New Media platforms such as YouTube. By looking into the past and at the online advertising industry, we were able to look at whether we thought that live streaming in New Media would be a success or failure. The past always dictates the present so, it was important for us to really look into the past of media to see whether or not this convergence really made sense or not? On the other hand, another important factor in this was money. Online advertising, and the famous pay for click tactics, is used by many companies globally. Can they make money off advertising on YouTube? Can they make money advertising in live streaming? Afterall, that is what makes television broadcasters most of their money.

Is the television ready to converge with online media in the form of live streaming? Does it make financial sense for the companies that are advertising and the companies that are broadcasting the shows. Afterall, they are the ones with the means of production.

Take a look and please comment, lets continue the academic discussion.


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