unbelievably this stat is true. It’s actually not to hard to believe when you think of baby and newborn pictures that a mom may upload on the internet. It’s not far-fetched but, is it dangerous? Most of this presence that is created, is done without the authorization or consent of the newborn or baby. Many parents are creating e-mail accounts or even social network accounts for their newborns. This gives them a digital footprint on the internet before they can make any decision on how they feel about it.

Parents must remember that what they post is not only shared with friends and family but, the whole world. The internet never forgets, there is no “delete” button. Parents should become more concerned about what they want to share online. Who knows , we might live in a world where one day, there is legislation regarding creating e-mails, social network accounts and or adding pictures of babies / toddlers online without their consent. Don’t downplay the power of “search” and the internet.