Those who own the means of production, own and control meaning. These people are the high paid corporations that have vested interests in controlling the middle class. How we think, eat and feel have been instilled in us by constant bombardment by those who own the means of production.

In the case of the article on the New York Times, fast track to inequality, which can be found at this link We see that in this case, those who own the means of production are not influencing meaning but rather, the middle class income. It is argued that globalization and technology have not been the reason that the middle class has struggled over the years but, rather policy making decisions by the government since the 1970s that have easier taxes on the higher class. The United States used to tax the wealthy enormously. That trend has stopped ever since having the wealthy support certain campaigns became so fundamental to politics.

It’s interesting that those who are high up would blame technology for the hardship of the middle-class. I can understand their argument that it has made the world smaller which in turn has made it easier to find distributors from all over the world to buy from instead of just lets say the United States or Canada, if your business is located in North America. Technology is the one thing that the lower and middle class have going for them. They have a voice that can not be shut. Those who control the means of production can not control the production of meaning in the case of YouTube and Facebook, where instances of “Charlie bit my Finger” has become a household saying.

Technology is the middle classes best friend and corporate America’s worst enemy. Controlling the middle class as they have done for the past 40 years will no longer be that easy. Policy makers may have to think twice about making taxes heavy on the middle class due to the fact that for once, they are almost accumulating as much power as those with the meaning of production.