It’s argued here that journalists in the mainstream media systems are trying to not allow participatory audiences in their work. Journalists are afraid of being held accountable for the work they do by the readers. This is the result of participatory journalism, accountablity. Look at Twitter, when a reporter tweets a story that is in fact not true due to the fact that he was misled, the audience starts to chime in and bash that reporter. Accountibility is created.

This is important for obvious reasons. Every professional is held accountable in their line of work, whether it be a secretary, a construction man, a professional sports player or even to some degree a politician. Mainstream media is only open to discussion on stories if it fits their definition and parameters. As far as the media is concerned, the audience is still firmly the audience and that is all.

I for one am in favour of particaptory journalism. It would make for more informed and intelligent news as well as , it would make it more popular. Look at the popularity of YouTube, due to the fact that it has perhaps the biggest participatory audience. Everyone wants their voice to be heard.