Expressions of society? Expressions of thoose who are playing them? Are video games for the betterment of society? I agree with Dr. Strangelove that by banning or putting a stop to videogames, you are haulting artistic expression. Moreover if videogames were to become censored then or stopped , it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that YouTube would be next.

YouTube is the father of free and artistic¬†expression, thats why it is so popular. Online diaries¬†and videos that don’t make sense to some because of the context are still put up as artisitic expressions by thoose who placed them online. YouTube and video games draw parralels in that regard. They both are a mode of free speech and artistic expression. Will video games ever become lawfully censored? No, the government has to much invested in them. If you look at unmanned drones that are flied into battlezones by the miltary, the controler they use if the xbox 360 controller due to the fact that these miltary personal have had tones of experience witht that controller.

Between the parralels video games and YouTube draw and the investment that the miltary has in them, there is no way that video games will become lawfully censored by the Supreme Court.