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Social Media and Advertising

This is probably one of the most important blogs I have written. I am discussing what everyone is business today is. The importance of social medium and advertising. In today’s market this will either break or make a company. A company can use Facebook psychographics to check out how many people in Ontario have guitars as an interest. Once they see how many people are interested they have an approximate target market.

A company can also search Twitter to see if and what anyone is saying about their company. For example, Blackberry can search Twitter for “Torch” to see and maybe even control the discussion on the Torch.

A company can use google trends and see how it compares in searches to something else. So, blackberry can compare the searches to the Torch versus the Iphone 4 to see how they are doing in comparison. Google offers many tools like this, one of the most useful would have to be google alerts. You can type in your company name: company x , then click news or blogs or tweets and google will alert you via e-mail every time your company name comes up.

Using social media is a powerful tool and whats most beneficial is that it is approaching free. There are extremely limited costs when it comes to social media and using it for advertising. Making it widely used by most companies. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or google, businesses need to become a part of tis media to be successful in todays marketplace.


Twitter and Journalism


Twitter as a tool for journalists can be very effective. It can mean the difference between being the first to break the story or just another journalist. Twitter has revolutionized the way reporting is being done, in the same sense as the print paper revolutionized journalism. The demand for information in this society is so great that Twitter serves a very high purpose. The purpose being to fulfill the need for information by journalists. A journalist can tweet something before the late night news runs and be the first on the story. People today want real-time live updates as to what is going on. They won’t wait for the late night news to get their information but, rather they will follow someone else on twitter.

Like every tool though, it can be used improperly and has it’s dangers. As we see in the article above, Twitter can cause your sources to have a lack of faith in you as a journalist if you are constantly tweeting important information. Moreover, as a journalist you could tweet a developing news story and it not materialize making you look bad to all of your followers. You want to be the first to the punch but, with accurate and accountable information for your followers.

Moreover, with more and more athletes and other important people having Twitter, it is important that a journalist is on it due to the fact that stories can materialize on Twitter. Let’s say some famous athlete tweets that he wants his coach fired. Well there is a story that a journalist won’t have unless he or she is on Twitter. The importance of the right use of Twitter for this profession can not be understated.