We are moving from a Victorian type of society that placed a major emphasis on the privacy of diaries and affairs to the YouTube / New media society that places an importance on publicity. “We loved to be watched” , I would extend this to “We loved to be watched and talked about”. We constantly see people jockying for media time or simply YouTube viewer hits. We are recorded and uploaded in the “system” with every transaction or act that is taped. We have a digital footprint all over the internet and things we would not necessarily know about are being uploaded. Take this college girl’s sexual experience list.

A graduate student from Duke uploaded a list of performances by several partners she had been with. This list included details in regards to what made the performance memorable or forgettable.  This is important due to the fact that the digital world we live in has created the ability for something that would have been done on a “girls night in” and laughed about but forgotten later is now permenately placed on the internet. Whether this girl or these guys like it or not, their digital fingerprint is now this. This information will never be forgotten by the vast database which is the internet.

You have to wonder with the effort that was put into this list whether the duke student wanted it to become viral. Which has to make you wonder about the “We like to be watched / talked about” attitude that we as a society are developing. Have we progressed or regressed? Was privacy that was such a fundamental value of Victorian society such a bad thing? Has the publicity approach improved society? For this student and her subject, it hasn’t.