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Video Games

Expressions of society? Expressions of thoose who are playing them? Are video games for the betterment of society? I agree with Dr. Strangelove that by banning or putting a stop to videogames, you are haulting artistic expression. Moreover if videogames were to become censored then or stopped , it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that YouTube would be next.

YouTube is the father of free and artistic expression, thats why it is so popular. Online diaries and videos that don’t make sense to some because of the context are still put up as artisitic expressions by thoose who placed them online. YouTube and video games draw parralels in that regard. They both are a mode of free speech and artistic expression. Will video games ever become lawfully censored? No, the government has to much invested in them. If you look at unmanned drones that are flied into battlezones by the miltary, the controler they use if the xbox 360 controller due to the fact that these miltary personal have had tones of experience witht that controller.

Between the parralels video games and YouTube draw and the investment that the miltary has in them, there is no way that video games will become lawfully censored by the Supreme Court.



According to the Globe and Mail, a local City of Ottawa newspaper, 10% of teens today spend 7 hours in front of the television or computer daily. “That’s almost a third of the day.” Shocking, is the first word that comes to mind, but then I thought to myself: well I am 19, how many hours do I spend in front of the television or computer. If I include how much time I spend on my laptop due to school or other activities, I am at about 5-7 , sometimes even 8 hours a day. initially, I was shocked at myself but, I rationalized this behaviour with the fact that it is for school.

It begs the question though: Is my “sedentary behaviour”, activities that do not increase energy expenditure higher than resting levels, cause me or others health issues? I don’t have the answer to that. I can’t for sure say that I am not obese though, weighing in at 146 lbs and 6″2.

After the initial health shock, I started to think about my documentary, which can be found on the documentary page of this blog. I began to think about how we went into detail about YouTube wanting to live stream programs. Of course as we learned in the documentary, every person is a different case, it still makes me wonder if YouTube is going to increase this percentage of teens spending 7 or more hours in front of the television or computer. Having live streamed programs so easily available, most can access YouTube from their phone, may entice even more teens to spend time online.

Notice I have been saying “may” due to the fact that when we interviewed some random University of Ottawa students and asked them if they would be on YouTube more if online streaming was available, we found that the results were inclusive. There wasn’t much theme to the answers and many “himmed and ha’d” about it placing conditions on them watching live streaming. Only time will tell and it will be interesting to keep this stat in mind when live streaming does start to take force to see the implications it has on our society.

Remember we are entering into a potential financial crisis all over Canada, where we see the baby boomers retiring and strains on our health care is increasing. Taxes will most likely increase for my generation in order to support the generation of baby boomers which will need health care. How does this relate? Well if more teens are spending more time in front of the television or computer and becoming unhealthy in the process then this will apply more of a strain on the health care system then it can handle. Therefore increased taxes which will result in less spending, which leads to businesses going bankrupt and there you have it folks, an economic collapse!

Could live streaming on YouTube be assisting an economic collapse in Canada? possibly…

From my readings I have discovered that You Tube is all about authenticity. It’s about being real and who you are in front of the camera so that everyone can experience something different from what they get in front of the television. Unlike television though it has no censor. Siblings posting videos humiliating other siblings, “I hate my parents videos” are all up on You Tube. Those people who are being humiliated or mad to look bad will have be able to recover from that perception. There is no delete button on the internet. Where does that leave us?

I feel as the generations progress into the workforce , particular Generation X and the tweens, this behaviour will be more normalized. For now though it damages perception. Why? because it’s authentic, its un scripted, (mostly), real peaks into someones life whether they like it or not. The public eye now sits on your front lawn and watches you through your curtains. Kinda freaky?

 On a side note I have always wanted to delete my Facebook account for that reason but, the girlfriend wants you to put up pictures of you and her and tag yourself in them so I never have. Here I am though, giving more authentic personal data to the seeing eye on my front yard through a different medium, Facebook. It’s all dangerous , it’s all authentic and it’s all remembered, that’s what scares me.

JK Wedding Dance

Tradition clashing with modern society, these types of cases are always the most interesting to look at. In the case of JK Wedding Dance Entrance from YouTube.

We that this couples challenging one of societies most fundamental traditions, marriage. Clearly , in the past this type of wedding would have been considered inappropriate or unacceptable but, today it has 55 million views of people who envy what they have done. This couple has challenged societies way of tradition and made their own fun out of it. Why must they go down the aisle in a slow march. Why can’t they dance down the aisle instead. Such a simple change changes the whole feel of the wedding to a celebration.

It is really quite cool what they have down, now the question becomes, will this style of wedding become the new traditional style? Some of would laugh at this question but seriously, they have 55 million views of predominately young women who are envying them right now. Such is the beauty of YouTube, an idea or concept can take off when put on YouTube as opposed to earlier media when the news dictated what would be seen. This couple 15 years ago would have never been heard of by the population but, now it could be argued that they may have revolutionized the way the wedding is done.

I know I’m sold.

I asked my family at dinner the other night what they would say to this statement: “Time Magazine has included YouTube among the most colossal tech failures of the decade.” I must admit I got some weird and intrigued looks. The statement doesn’t seem to resonate with people, that YouTube has been unable to post a profit. Google, the owner of YouTube, paid an outrageous amount of 1.65 billion (U.S) for the company. Of course with hopes that this internet company would be posting major advertising profits. The question becomes how has arguably one of the most accessed websites / market shares in the world not been able to post a financial profit? The answer is two-fold:

  1.  Companies do not want to necessarily be linked to “edgy” videos on YouTube
  2. 70% of YouTube users close the video when an advertisement pops up at the beginning.

So whats the answer? In my opinion advertisements need to be placed on people’s YouTube channel. Why? Well the reason again is two-fold:

  1. Companies will understand what type of content the YouTube channel holder normally puts up
  2. People who go to this channel will be willing to watch an advertisement before the video due to the fact that they want to see this specific person’s video.

Look at Shane Dawson for example. A well-known and watched YouTube video maker. His fans are avid fans and would without a problem watch a 30 second coke commercial before they see their YouTube hero. How do I know this? I asked one of his big fans, my brother and he said he wouldn’t care about the precluding advertisement.

Yes, that is a small sample size (1 person) and everyone is different but that’s the point. As of right now they are losing money and they have to do something. I would argue less that 70% of people will close the channel if an advertisement precludes someones Youtube channel.

Maybe I am wrong, but its a thought. We all want YouTube to stay around so it’s in everyone’s best interest for these corporations to figure how they can most effectively brain wash us with their advertisements, but then again that goes against everything YouTube stands for.